We’re back! Time to get ready for the 2017 college football season!

Due to some technical difficulties, we’ve been off line for almost two months now, but tonight, we’re back! We had some great help from our web host, Justhost.com, to recover to get back on line and to become stronger on the defensive side of this site than ever before. It’s time to get ready for the 2017 college football season.

Tell her she can stop looking for us now. We’re back!

Luckily for us, it’s been the slower part of the college football season. Sure the national signing day took place, but that’s all hype. It’s a big leap from high school to college for many players. Let’s focus on all those recruits from two years ago who made it this far and will be playing as juniors for their possible final season before they become draft eligible. Louisville QB Lamar Jackson and Penn State RB Saquon Barkley will be among the best players we will see this year, and we’re sure to see some current unknowns ready to step up. Sure, there are going to be freshman ready to step in in some situations, but what pieces are already in place this year to make a run at Atlanta? That matters more to us especially with our goal set on attending the CFP Championship. We’re back for another great season. Why should this one be any different?

Washington and Alabama may not be back in Atlanta next January, but collegefootballfan.com will be!

Speaking of talent evaluation, we’ll be giving our insight about players we’ve seen play the last couple of years and assessing their NFL draft worthiness before the draft in April. Of course we’ve been busy scouring 2017 schedules and piecing together another great college football season while we’re keeping an eye on March Madness. Hell, it’s only six Saturdays until the PSU Blue-White game, and we’re still looking for a few other games this spring. After that, it’s only fourmonths until our college football fun begins on August 26 when Hawaii travels as far as it can across the continental US for an FBS contest to visit the Massachusetts Minutemen on their campus in Amherst. After that, we think we can attend a record 30 games this season. We’re still perusing slates that will probably change and have some ideas how we can do this. I think we have a legitimate shot for a collegefootballfan.com single season record. We’re glad to be back.

For the second year in a row, we’ll see Delaware host Delaware State during the first week of the season, but we expect to see the UD program become an FCS contender again soon under new HC Danny Rocco.

We’ve prioritized our 2017 program with big Penn State (ranked No. 5 in the “very early ESPN.com polls”) games, followed by our other favorite team, Navy, and then co-mingled the balance with the newest FBS team (Coastal Carolina) , a storied rivalry (USC vs. UCLA), and some trips to other venues we’ll be visiting for the first time (Wake Forest for one). We’re looking at potential travel schedules where we can pull together multiple games over a few days as usual. And then there’s a few D-3 weekday games that will be scheduled for additional bulk. Of course, we know TV is going to change kickoff dates and times. Sometimes that makes it better for us, sometimes more difficult.

We’re expecting an announcement soon that the PSU-Michigan game will be another prime time, white-out as was the PSU-OSU game last season at Beaver Stadium.

We’re back! We’ll be focused once again this spring primarily on teams we’ll be seeing next Fall and making other observations about college football in general in Steveo’s Salvos. Before we start firing off some broadsides though, check out our Tentative and continuously updated schedule for 2017 by clicking here.

Rain, shine, or snow, my Navy fan buddies and I will attend four Navy games together this year. I will see home games vs. Air Force and Cincy, the Friday night at Temple, and of course the 118th meeting with Army in Philly. We’re back!

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This website is dedicated to my unique and ongoing adventure to continue to see every major Division 1A (I despise the moniker "FBS") football team play in person at least once. I've seen all 124 teams in existence as of 2013 play and plan to attend games with the five newest editions in the next few years. This also records my ongoing adventures attending as many college football games as possible every season. I "officially" started this crazy goal in 1979. The upcoming 2014 season will be the 35th straight year of sharing this fun endeavor with others in person and through weekly reviews about each game I attend. Entering 2014, I have attended 459 NCAA football games at all levels. My book, Tales from the Tailgate: From the Fan who's seen 'em all! published in 2011, tells my story over 30 years of when I attended a game in person played by each D1A team for the first time. Now, I haven't attended a game at every major stadium on each campus (yet) because I'd probably be unemployed and definitely divorced by now. However, I'm proud to report that I remain gainfully employed and have been married to the same woman ("Saint Laurie") for almost 25 years. We have two kids that have recently ventured away from our home in Byram Township, NJ over the last few few years. Our daughter Alex is a junior at the University of South Carolina (Go Gamecocks!), and our son Eric is now enlisted in the United States Navy (Go Navy!). You will find that my site and my book focus on enjoying a passion for college football and great opportunities to have fun with friends and family around the country.

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