Game 533: Rainbow Warriors come up sevens to defeat Minutemen in last minute of play, 38-35

   Game 533: Rainbow Warriors come up with sevens to defeat Minutemen in last minute of play, 38-35 Amherst, Mass – With 48 seconds left in regulation of our Game 533, the long distance visiting Rainbow “road” Warriors of Hawaii (1-0) … Continue reading

Season Opener – Steveo’s Salvos

Season Opener:  No teams come from farther apart than this This Saturday, August 26 at 6 pm EST, the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors who will have flown all the way out to visit the UMass Minutemen at Amherst, Massachusetts will clash … Continue reading

The 2017 season: Our Journey to Atlanta

Our sights are set this season for the College Football Playoff on January 8, 2018 by hook or by crook designating our 39th season doing this crazy stuff as our Journey to Atlanta. We made it to Tampa physically last … Continue reading

We’re back! Time to get ready for the 2017 college football season!

Due to some technical difficulties, we’ve been off line for almost two months now, but tonight, we’re back! We had some great help from our web host,, to recover to get back on line and to become stronger on … Continue reading