The October 2017 season: Our Journey to Atlanta continues

The October 2017 season: Our Journey to Atlanta Before reviewing our October 2017 season on the way to Atlanta, we’re taking a step back regarding our plans for September 30. We’ve already decided on a change. When planning this season, … Continue reading


FAREWELL TO WEST POINT-ARMY! With plans to attend at least two spring games in the northeast over the next few weeks, our upcoming NFL draft preview, and the constant tweaking of our 2017 football schedule as TV networks start … Continue reading

Game 512: Navy stop at one-yard line with six seconds tops UConn, 28-24

Navy stop at one-yard line with six seconds tops UConn, 28-24 Annapolis – UConn used its final time-out after Bryce Sherriffs completed a pass to Hergy Mayala who caught the pass and landed on his butt out of bounds at … Continue reading 2001 season 2001 season Fifteen years ago: We reviewed our 2001 season 15 years ago to get us hankering for our exciting 2016 season less than two weeks away! Rather than analyze the remaining teams on our 2016 schedule that … Continue reading

Steveo’s Salvos – FCS Football preview

Six weeks from this Thursday, the college football season as well as’s season kicks off. On Thursday, September 1, our season starts off with a 7 pm kickoff when Delaware hosts Delaware State in the First State Bowl in … Continue reading

Steveo’s Salvos – 2016 Post-draft Review May 3, 2016’s post-draft 2016 observations:       Last week, we showed pictures of 17 potential NFL draft selections we’d seen play in person during the last two season. It indicates that we’ve seen some of the best talent out there (and more … Continue reading

Steveo’s Salvos – “Stuff” – April 23, 2016

We’re all set for tickets for all our five Navy games (four in Annapolis and Army in Baltimore) this season and our two Penn State games in addition to Notre Dame vs. Syracuse at MetLife stadium on October 1… Kansas … Continue reading

Steveo’s Salvos – February 15, 2016

RU-tude is back! At least, here in Steveo’s Salvos. The reality is that it’s never gone away. We’ve lain off the Rutgers Scarlet Knights for the last few years because we had a temporary, though disheartening, tie to the team, … Continue reading

Steveo’s Salvos – November 6, 2016

Only two weeks away from our Game 500 Celebration!  Can’t wait! Two full buses of tailgaters heading up to West Point For Rutgers at Army.  Go Knights!  We’re looking forward to a good time for what has been a tremendous … Continue reading

Steveo’s Salvos – October 23

What we thought looked like a great game before the season with some significance to the bearing on the College Football Playoff, now looks like a game where No. 9 Florida State (6-0) seems to be an overwhelming favorite over … Continue reading