Steveo’s Salvos – Week 1 Preview 2016

Steveo’s Salvos – Week 1 Preview 2016      Here we go college football fans. Four days from now our college season kicks off on Thursday night with our FCS opener, the Delaware State Hornets vs. the Fighting Blue Hens … Continue reading

A Brief History of Beloved College Football Fight Songs

Fight songs are a popular way for fans to cheer for their team. College football fans in particular love fight songs. A college football fight song is an instant way to get fans charged up to almost a fever pitch. … Continue reading 2001 season 2001 season Fifteen years ago: We reviewed our 2001 season 15 years ago to get us hankering for our exciting 2016 season less than two weeks away! Rather than analyze the remaining teams on our 2016 schedule that … Continue reading 2011 season

Five years ago: A look at our past before our exciting, upcoming 2016 season Rather than analyze the remaining teams on our 2016 schedule that we haven’t previewed yet, we’d like to first take you back to some of our … Continue reading

Steveo’s Salvos – FCS Football preview

Six weeks from this Thursday, the college football season as well as’s season kicks off. On Thursday, September 1, our season starts off with a 7 pm kickoff when Delaware hosts Delaware State in the First State Bowl in … Continue reading

D 3 Football: For the love of the game

It was in 1973 when the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) restructured the way it classified college level sports. Prior to 1973 there were two levels of college sports, the highest level was called the University Division and the lower … Continue reading – Heisman Watch 2016

It’s enthralling that there is a major individual award of such high stature among the 129 competing teams at the highest level of college football, the Football Bowl Subdivision ( FBS), namely the Heisman Trophy.  (Editor’s note: Coastal Carolina jumps … Continue reading

The Ultimate College Football Fan

From author Steve Koreivo comes a compilation of stories that any die hard college football fan would love to experience. A college football fan since boyhood, Koreivo describes in detail the first time he got the chance to see a … Continue reading

Steveo’s Salvos – Eighty days to go!

Eighty days to go until our opening kickoff on Thursday night, September 1 when the Delaware State Hornets and the Delaware Fighting Blue Hens mix it up at Delaware Stadium in Newark for the First State Bowl.  UD HC Stan … Continue reading

College Football Tailgating – Style

The first recorded instances of “tailgating” are not believed to have come from sporting events at all, but from the sidelines of war – and that’s not a figure of speech. The very first tailgaters are believed to have been … Continue reading