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For those of you visiting Collegefootballfan.com for the first time, this website is dedicated to my ongoing adventure to continue to see every major FBS football team play in person at least once. I attend as many college football games as I can every season, with old friends and new ones. This year 2017, we celebrate our 38th college football season of this fantastic, unique adventure. And I’m still married to the same woman for 28 years, St. Laurie, “Patron Saint of college football fans”, and we have two kids. Our daughter Alex is a graduate of the University of South Carolina, and our son Eric proudly serves in the US Navy.

Ghost-like figures don the program of the next to last game in the series that kicked off college football in 1869. Princeton dominated the series overall 53-17-1, but Rutgers polished them off 12-8-1 to end the series and move up to D-1A football.

The Collegefootballfan.com game history dates back to the next to last battle played between the first two schools that ever met one another on a gridiron.

Collegefootballfan.comhas now attended college football games played by all 129 Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) teams at least once. The University of Alabama-Birmingham decided to revitalize its football program this season, so they’re still in the fold. On Saturday, December 2, 2017, we plan to be in Conway, SC to add the latest team to join the FBS when we will see Coastal Carolina host the Georgia Southern Eagles. With that game attended, we can continue to say that “we’ve seen ’em all!”  In 2018, Idaho rejoins the FCS, for good reasons, and Liberty U.  steps up to take their place as the new “130”.  We saw them compete in the FCS versus Lehigh, but we plan to get them on our slate in the FBS next season.

Kalif Phillips (with ball) looks for running room gaining 204 yards for a Charlotte school record.

The Charlotte 49ers run against Old Dominion in 2015 as they became the 129th FBS team we’ve seen.

In 2015 on November 21, with two busloads of friends we’ve made over the years and tailgated with, Collegefootballfan.com attended our 500th college football game since 1979. We traveled to West Point to see the Black Knights of Army host the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers. Our up-to-date game history can be browsed on ourHistorypages. As you will see, the focus is not only on the FBS, but also on games played by D-3, D-2, and the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) teams. We try to attend the most competitive games we can find every time we go to a game.

Author and Ultimate College Football Fan Steve Koreivo got to tailgate with a lot of great friends from over the years at West Point for his 500th game last November!

Tailgated with a lot of great friends from over the years to celebrate the Collegefootballfan.com 500th game in November 2015 at West Point.

My first book , Tales from the Tailgate: From the Fan who’s seen ’em all!, tells the story over 30 years when I saw all 119 teams that existed to that point play in person for the first time. To check on my profile, read reviews of my book, or to order online click here on Amazon.com . I’m proud to say Tales, a fun adventure to do and to write about, received three Honorable Mention Awards. It received recognition at the 2012 New England Book Festival, the 2013 New York Book Festival, and the 2013 Beach Book Festival.


Now that we have added the ten latest entries into the FBS since I’ve writtenTales, we plan to do a second edition to celebrate our ongoing achievement to “see ’em all!” The second book also looms as a possibility that will feature memorable games attended at every level of college football. I plan to make it as fun and as entertaining as the first one. Check Collegefootballfan.com frequently for updates about the book(s) and about the current season. Keep up with our 2016 Schedule and read our blogs featuring “Steveo’s Salvos, game reviews, media interviews, and previews.

Most of all, we hope you will enjoy reading our latest updates and give us your thoughts and share your opinions about this great American tradition so many of us love, college football. Check out Collegefootballfan.com for news and updates all year long.



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