– Heisman Watch 2016

It’s enthralling that there is a major individual award of such high stature among the 129 competing teams at the highest level of college football, the Football Bowl Subdivision ( FBS), namely the Heisman Trophy.  (Editor’s note: Coastal Carolina jumps … Continue reading

The Ultimate College Football Fan

From author Steve Koreivo comes a compilation of stories that any die hard college football fan would love to experience. A college football fan since boyhood, Koreivo describes in detail the first time he got the chance to see a … Continue reading

Steveo’s Salvos – Eighty days to go!

Eighty days to go until our opening kickoff on Thursday night, September 1 when the Delaware State Hornets and the Delaware Fighting Blue Hens mix it up at Delaware Stadium in Newark for the First State Bowl.  UD HC Stan … Continue reading

College Football Tailgating – Style

The first recorded instances of “tailgating” are not believed to have come from sporting events at all, but from the sidelines of war – and that’s not a figure of speech. The very first tailgaters are believed to have been … Continue reading