Steveo’s Salvos – 2016 Schedule, Big Game, Satellite camps, Recruiting May 22, 2016

Sorry that our Ops system went down recently.   I’m now getting back into the swing of things…Our 2016 schedule is looking pretty intact right now and we even have plan in place for our bowl season with the announcements of … Continue reading

Steveo’s Salvos – Bowl schedule 2016-2017 announced, May 8, 2016

  Forty-two (too many) Bowl games have been announced and already scheduled with times and dates. If winning doesn’t matter any more, every FBS team should get a “consolation game.” We’ve picked four of bowls to attend including this year’s semi-final game to … Continue reading

Steveo’s Salvos – 2016 Post-draft Review May 3, 2016’s post-draft 2016 observations:       Last week, we showed pictures of 17 potential NFL draft selections we’d seen play in person during the last two season. It indicates that we’ve seen some of the best talent out there (and more … Continue reading